John Hess


John Hess went to UC Riverside with the intention of obtaining a business degree and working in marketing. Three years in he managed the dregree, graduating with a solid 4.0 GPA – but his real passion always was film. So he decided to take what he loved and what he was trained and started Creative Industries Media Group (CiMG).

Since then, John has been staying on the forefront of emerging media technologies from the HD transition and the amazing explosion of Web 2.0 that has come in the past few years. John is one of the co-founders of the web’s most influential film production sites (FilmmakerIQ.com) and his active participation makes him a highly visible figure in the field as well keeping him well on the leading edge of technology.

Film making is forever tied to technology and even though the march of progress continues, the importance of story and technique never subsides. As a writer and film commentator, this fact is never lost on John and he continues to hone his craft of story telling through the production of award-winning short films. The art of story telling central essential to effective business communications.

Susan Perkins


Susan Perkins is a Producer with Creative Industries Media Group (CiMG), a commercial film production firm that specializes in communicating their clients’ stories through the powerful medium of moving pictures. Susan’s specialty is the ability to listen and ascertain the client’s unique position and adapt a marketing strategy that plays to their strengths. Perfectly at home thinking outside the box her grassroots ideas are always custom tailored for the clients needs.

Prior to CiMG, Susan spent 15 years working as a National Marketing Director for a major fragrance company. After she left to pursue her passion in film, Susan teamed up with Director/Producer John Hess at CiMG and together they have worked together on a variety of projects including videos for Children, Seniors and Alzheimer research as well an award-winning short film. Currently Susan and John are about to roll into their first feature film, “Brothers in the End Zone”, a film about the bonds created through high school athletics galvanized by tragedy on the field.